Fresh Start to Glowing Skin

Hydration that keeps your skin healthy from within

Rediscover your plump, dewy and glowing skin goals with Aqualogica. Lightweight ethereal textures and formulations perfected for Indian skin & climate for the ultimate boost of intense hydration.

The Need for Indian Skin & Indian Climate

Indian skin is different, and so are its needs. It’s time for a fresh start to your skincare routine with Aqualogica. Lightweight textures that help your skin glow and are perfected for Indian climate and skin type and do not leave your skin feeling oily or sticky, just fresh, hydrated & glowing.

Unique Water Lock TechnologyTM

Aqualogica’s clinically proven Unique Water Lock Technology™ brings the Science of Aquaporins to the forefront. Our clinically proven ingredients stimulate the formation of Aquaporin Water Channels and help push moisture through these channels across all layers of the skin.

The results?

80% more hydration and making the skin feel oh-so-good to touch.


Blend of Natural Fruit Extract & Actives

With our extensively researched clinical actives and the benefits of natural fruits, our products truly carry the power of two. Whether it is hydration or glow – we ensure nothing but the best for your skin.

  • We are proudly Vegan and use no animal-derived ingredients.

  • 25 million+ animals are used for testing and research. Not a single one by us.

  • We’ve carefully picked every ingredient that goes in our products. All of them are as gentle as water yet hardworking for your skin.

Water for All!

Every time you buy from us, you help one person get access to clean drinking water!

Our mission is to provide Safe Drinking Water to Everyone